Thursday, 24 November 2011

last post before leaving KK

long time no post ehh :p
well, its not that i'm super busy or what. i'm so free and definitely have nothing much to do at home.
it just that; i'm too lazy to update my blog :b
okay today i'll be leaving KK and go back to my hometown, kudat bcause im officially missing all those people there ^^!!
and which mean i cant updating my blog for a month. for a month man, M-O-N-T-H. hohohohohohoh.
theres no internet connection there, ada jg lah but its freaking slow, bangas tu mau tggu. :D:D
dont worry this is temporary i'll be back :b ( ceh as if sumone care kan?:B :D, hohoho)
bah k lah ging i'm off first, smile aLways and stay awesome ^^!! love u guys, papaiiiiiii<3 GODBLESS!


Thursday, 17 November 2011

awesome ;b

godd morninggggggggggggggggggg:) thanks GOD for a new day/ guide through all my activities today^^~~ guyssss start ur day with a prayer. :)
today i woke up receving 6 msg from my classmates which containing the same msg. it says that we need to go to school today to claim that 'RM100', kaching kaching.
but it also state that we need to bring our parents together. yeahhhhhhhhh, thats good thing.
hmmm, k lah i'm off to school, bye ging2 bloggers :b
see you guys later,
more update next.
take care.
oh, dont skip your meal. Luls.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

''...If I only get one thing...''

i have ano question for u, if you could ask GOD for one thing ,what would it be? kmu rasa2 apa kamu mau?. would you ask HIM for something that costs money??? would you ask Him to take care some problem that you have?? well, King David made one request of GOD, and you might be surprised for what he ask for, in psalms 27:4 david wrote, '' One thing i ask of the LORD, this is what I seek, that i may dwell in the house of the LORD all the Days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek Him in His temple.'' David could ask for money but he didnt, he could have asked the LORD to wipe out his enemies or hep him to be a better King, but that wasnt his focus.David was obsessed with God.. He was consumed by the creator of the universe an his only request is just to spend time with HIM.'' God if i only get one thing, let me hangout with You. Let me see youas you are in all of your radiance.'' David asked for the right thing and He discovered that God was faithful to  answer His request. You would be wise to ask for the same thing. this is so blessing :) ahhh~~ THANKS GOD


In Everything Give Thanks. :)

morning ^^~~ hehehehe, Thanks GOD for a new day that u gave us.please guide me through all my activities today, and please guide me to not wasting my time on the internet. Amen:)

halo2 kamurang bloggers2 yg kiut2. Hahahaha. :D
I slept at 12++am last night bcause i was trying to finish those account assighment that need to be pass up by the time school is open. gahhhhhhhhhhhh. still a tons of stuff to do.hehehehe. At least i have sumthing to do during this holiday better than bermalas2an at home. hahahahah. BTW im not the only one who slept at 12am , my family members did the same thing, only the difference is, the are enjoying and relaxing theirselves while watching ACF's next celebrity chef.they're 'ohhhh-ing' and 'wahhhhhhhh-ing' every 15 minutes (kenen neee) hahahahaha. to be honest they're so noissyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that i wanted to knocked each one of them. hahahahaha. my mum was like '' slow down your voices or else the neighbours will some to join u guys'', hahahaha, kana sound.
ok enuff with what happened last night. what i want to blog today is an article that captured my eyes 3months ago. hahahhahahaha.truthfully i found this article about 3 months agoooooooooo. well, just want to share, eventhou u probably think it is lame, still u cant do anything to stop me, * tongue out* hahahahha, nyehhhhhhhh. just read, its not like u'll die :p
anyway, share ini dululahhhh ,hahahahahha

my favourite pic of me. hahahahhahahh:D:D

im surfing the net and i accidently some with this article entitled world's shortest man, He is sooooooooooo cooooooooooool:). GOBLESS him! i'm a short girl too, but if i look at him , he is shorter than me. so eventho i have to live with the fact that iam short , i felt awesomeeeee :D:D.look at him he is just 67cm. he is short but he is one in a million, the whole world recognize him already. the purpose i'm sharing this story actually, i want to emphasis that being short doesnt mean u are loser. short mean unique in amillion ways. i always wanted to be taller but after i look at the article, i'm happy with my size:). i'm short , God makes me different and i'm unique.In Everything Give thanks To The Lord:) , always be grateful ^^~~

ok kamurang , thats all for now. to didi rowena and cycy akachie thaks for the nice follow :D:D


Monday, 14 November 2011

it was fun. LALALALA:D

this kerja kursus thingy is really bothering me.-- hahahahha, but thanks GOD im able to do it at home with good internet connection, yeyehhhhhhhhh!!
let me share some of my random pics to prove to all of you that im actually shoooo BUSY, HAHAHAHA, LALA!! :D
look at how messy my table isssssssssssssssssssssss.

hahahahhahah, my brother took this pic, sillyyyyyyyyyy

ok enuff with that.==''
yesterday at church, my ging and me had tried to do a cover song, but sadly we ended up failed.:( we spoiled the whole video with the laughing scene, lol. i dunno whats so funny, hahahahaha. it started out soooooo niceeeeeeeee.... then comes to the chorus part where we would sing together, out of nowhere someone cracked up and everyone pun followed juga, adadadadada, and this went on for what seemed like forever.but but but, it was fun:) share some of the photos that we took yesterday ^^
balajar main jitarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
rock for jesus with buruttttttttttttttt. hahahahah :D

okay kawan2, thats all for now. i'll be back later, :D have a nice day, GODBLESS :)