Tuesday, 15 November 2011

In Everything Give Thanks. :)

morning ^^~~ hehehehe, Thanks GOD for a new day that u gave us.please guide me through all my activities today, and please guide me to not wasting my time on the internet. Amen:)

halo2 kamurang bloggers2 yg kiut2. Hahahaha. :D
I slept at 12++am last night bcause i was trying to finish those account assighment that need to be pass up by the time school is open. gahhhhhhhhhhhh. still a tons of stuff to do.hehehehe. At least i have sumthing to do during this holiday better than bermalas2an at home. hahahahah. BTW im not the only one who slept at 12am , my family members did the same thing, only the difference is, the are enjoying and relaxing theirselves while watching ACF's next celebrity chef.they're 'ohhhh-ing' and 'wahhhhhhhh-ing' every 15 minutes (kenen neee) hahahahaha. to be honest they're so noissyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that i wanted to knocked each one of them. hahahahaha. my mum was like '' slow down your voices or else the neighbours will some to join u guys'', hahahaha, kana sound.
ok enuff with what happened last night. what i want to blog today is an article that captured my eyes 3months ago. hahahhahahaha.truthfully i found this article about 3 months agoooooooooo. well, just want to share, eventhou u probably think it is lame, still u cant do anything to stop me, * tongue out* hahahahha, nyehhhhhhhh. just read, its not like u'll die :p
anyway, share ini dululahhhh ,hahahahahha

my favourite pic of me. hahahahhahahh:D:D

im surfing the net and i accidently some with this article entitled world's shortest man, He is sooooooooooo cooooooooooool:). GOBLESS him! i'm a short girl too, but if i look at him , he is shorter than me. so eventho i have to live with the fact that iam short , i felt awesomeeeee :D:D.look at him he is just 67cm. he is short but he is one in a million, the whole world recognize him already. the purpose i'm sharing this story actually, i want to emphasis that being short doesnt mean u are loser. short mean unique in amillion ways. i always wanted to be taller but after i look at the article, i'm happy with my size:). i'm short , God makes me different and i'm unique.In Everything Give thanks To The Lord:) , always be grateful ^^~~

ok kamurang , thats all for now. to didi rowena and cycy akachie thaks for the nice follow :D:D


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