Monday, 14 November 2011

it was fun. LALALALA:D

this kerja kursus thingy is really bothering me.-- hahahahha, but thanks GOD im able to do it at home with good internet connection, yeyehhhhhhhhh!!
let me share some of my random pics to prove to all of you that im actually shoooo BUSY, HAHAHAHA, LALA!! :D
look at how messy my table isssssssssssssssssssssss.

hahahahhahah, my brother took this pic, sillyyyyyyyyyy

ok enuff with that.==''
yesterday at church, my ging and me had tried to do a cover song, but sadly we ended up failed.:( we spoiled the whole video with the laughing scene, lol. i dunno whats so funny, hahahahaha. it started out soooooo niceeeeeeeee.... then comes to the chorus part where we would sing together, out of nowhere someone cracked up and everyone pun followed juga, adadadadada, and this went on for what seemed like forever.but but but, it was fun:) share some of the photos that we took yesterday ^^
balajar main jitarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
rock for jesus with buruttttttttttttttt. hahahahah :D

okay kawan2, thats all for now. i'll be back later, :D have a nice day, GODBLESS :)


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