Thursday, 24 November 2011

last post before leaving KK

long time no post ehh :p
well, its not that i'm super busy or what. i'm so free and definitely have nothing much to do at home.
it just that; i'm too lazy to update my blog :b
okay today i'll be leaving KK and go back to my hometown, kudat bcause im officially missing all those people there ^^!!
and which mean i cant updating my blog for a month. for a month man, M-O-N-T-H. hohohohohohoh.
theres no internet connection there, ada jg lah but its freaking slow, bangas tu mau tggu. :D:D
dont worry this is temporary i'll be back :b ( ceh as if sumone care kan?:B :D, hohoho)
bah k lah ging i'm off first, smile aLways and stay awesome ^^!! love u guys, papaiiiiiii<3 GODBLESS!


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