Friday, 16 December 2011

whats up ^^

hai, i'm back ^^ , well currently still at kampung, but thanks GOD theres wifi so i can spend my day just by surfing the internet :D i'm joking. of course i have better thing to do. hehehehe.
its been a while since i didnt post anything here, did anyone miss me?? hahhah.
i hope u guys are doin great during this holiday :) mine was totally awes!!! :D
i would like to share with all of u bout my holiday, but i'm too lazy to type ;p hahahahha, this bad habit of mine really annoying :(
weel, there are a lot of memory i treasured here, and i'm happy meeting those brothers and sisters in christ.
i dont know how to describe how much i really enjoyed and blessed, but i really learnt a lot from them :) once again, thanks GOD !! i'm officially misses my sisters and brothers in christ which at kk right now :( i hope there are doing well just like i did. heheheh.
Got to go, till then.

cheers for a bless day <3
10days to go before JESUS's birthday :D

lala :)

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